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The prices are valid per 1 January 2021 - All prices include 25% VAT

Embroidery file Logo/motif (2.5 hours):

In addition, hourly payment per started 15 min.

Text logo, general text font (1.5 hours):

In addition, hourly payment per started 15 min

Designed text fonts 2.5 hours):

In addition, hourly payment per started 15 min.

Hourly tasks

From DKK 750.00

From DKK 550.00

From DKK 750.00

From DKK 450.00

WEGTIGT information for image material.

In order to make the best embroidery, it is important that the image material is of a high quality, preferably in a vector format, (eps. ai. cdr. or illustrator

if it cannot be obtained then a png. or jpg. high resolution image.

I work in Crorel Draw, but call and hear more about the possibilities. on mobile: +45 20245306 or

Development costs: When producing an embroidery file, an initial fee of DKK 750.00 must be paid, incl. for plain text file 350.00 incl. VAT which covers the first three hours of work, if the task requires more time I will contact you for further agreement on further continuation of the task.
The price for the embroidery itself depends on the number of stitches and can therefore only be calculated precisely when the embroidery file is finished and ready for embroidery.
The expense is a one-off expense, however, subject to major changes in the embroidery, which will be invoiced at the applicable hourly rate.
The embroidery file is saved and belongs to Hemsø Embroidery and can be used with a photo of the finished work here on the website and for advertising purposes.
I am happy to make an offer for the embroidery task, but I need some information from you about size and location as well as what material the embroidery is to be carried out on.
All embroidery is carried out at the customer's own risk, with regard to breakage of the material during embroidery or defects that are not visible, I of course carry out the task with great care and attention.

We reserve the right for typing errors and price changes.

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