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Clear trading conditions between the end customer and the company are the best prerequisite for a good result. It is therefore important to read through the following subsections so that both parties agree to the company's terms and conditions so that we can have a good cooperation and a good experience.

Sincerely, Inge Hemsø

The sales and delivery conditions below apply to all deliveries from Hemsø Broderi og Garn. The conditions apply in the event that no other written agreements have been entered into between you as the buyer and Hemsø Broderi.

Development costs: When producing an embroidery file, an initial fee of DKK 750.00 must be paid, incl. for plain text file 350.00 incl. VAT which covers the first three hours of work, if the task requires more time I will contact you for further agreement on further continuation of the task.
The price for the embroidery itself depends on the number of stitches and can therefore only be calculated precisely when the embroidery file is finished and ready for embroidery.
The cost is a one-off cost, however, subject to major changes in the embroidery, which will be invoiced at the applicable hourly rate.
The embroidery file is saved and belongs to Hemsø Broderi og Garn and can be used with a photo of the finished work here on the website and for advertising purposes.

All embroidery is carried out at the customer's own risk, with regard to breakage of the material during embroidery or defects that are not visible, I of course carry out the task with great care and attention.

A sample embroidery will be produced on canvas, which you can choose to have sent as a picture by email, via mobile or by post, at the applicable postal rate, when the embroidery has been approved in writing, if necessary. on E-mail it will be started


Complaints about errors or deficiencies on delivery from Hemsø  Broderi must be claimed immediately, but no later than 8 days after collection/receipt. It is your duty to indicate and, on request, show how the error or deficiency manifests itself. Should you discover an error with the embroidery that you believe is due to Hemsø Broderi, please contact us or send the goods back, together with a copy of the invoice, and I will look at it and I will correct the error. You can either choose to buy your textiles from Hemsø broderi or deliver your own. However, embroidery on sent textiles is at your own risk. Which means that Hemsø Broderi is not liable for errors and defects in the goods, goods of poor quality that cannot withstand being strung up etc. When embroidering forwarded goods, it is the customer's responsibility to inform about hidden pockets, ventilation holes etc. just as it is the customer's responsibility that the goods sent are of the right number, size, color, etc. When embroidering own textiles, it is required that the textile is not worn.

Riding equipment and riding clothing must be unused, as the machines cannot withstand any dust from horses and the stables, there may be exceptions that we can talk about, come by or call me.

Embroidery on Christening dress – or older textiles:
In the case of embroidery on baptism dresses or other material that cannot be recovered, I would like to see the baptism dress/textile first, so that I can see if it is suitable for embroidery. The embroidery is done 100% on the customer's own responsibility, with regard to breakage and damage to the material. Textiles must be paid in advance when ordering, unless otherwise agreed.

In the case of hand-embroidered names on Christening dresses and the like, I will carry out the task carefully and as best as possible according to the customer's wishes.

Terms of payment:
For larger tasks,  50% of the embroidery price is paid in advance and possibly ordered textiles, the full price is paid in advance, unless otherwise agreed.
For textiles ordered or purchased on site at Hemsø Broderi, payment is made in advance before ordering or embroidery.
Order is binding unless otherwise agreed.

Settlementtakes place on collection in cash or with Dankort mobile pay, unless otherwise agreed in advance, or by bank transfer before collection. In the event of non-payment, 2% interest and a reminder fee of DKK 100.00 will be added, in the event of continued non-payment, the case will be handed over to legal collection
All prices are given in Danish kroner incl. VAT. on the website.

Products with embroidery should not be tumble dried. Ironing should only be done with a steam iron and at low heat, with a piece of cotton wool between the iron and embroidery and from the back.

There may be residues of plastic material and marking color which disappear in the wash, do not iron on the embroidery before it has been washed.

We reserve the right for typing errors and price changes.

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